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First of all, thank you very much for viewing our site “”.

BAWEAN TOUR TRAVEL is online tour operator. You can arrange your holiday in Bawean by provided tour package.  The beautiful Bawean consisting of images and stories about people, nature, culture, art and performance.  They are Bawean ceremonies, Baweanese daily life, Bawean beaches, rice terraces and uniqueness of Bawean island.

BAWEAN TOUR TRAVEL provides you an Open Trip and Private tour package with special sightseeing places in. We are also open to customize your itinerary based on your interests and needs. If you do not have much information about Bawean, or are unsure as to what you would like to do and see. So, Please do not hesitate to send me an email before visiting or text via our web live chat. It is as our advice for all tourist.

BAWEAN TOUR TRAVEL gives some options for 3D2N and 4D3N tour package, a day tour inland arrangement.  All of these could be easier for you to find a nice itinerary for one day trip based on your interests and needs. Let check our offer at ideal your tour program. We also give some combination activities of your tours.

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Martalaya Waterpool

This is Bawean Martalaya waterfall. All Bawean people surely knowing well with Murtalaya. The visitors will passed the winding road and if you look down, there is a deep ravine. In this ravine, you will see beautiful nature scenery with river and rocks that so neatly. The special...

Labuhan Beach

Labuhan beach is a tourist icon in Bawean island located in Tanjunggori village, Tambak district. The beach is known for its beautiful and worthy for such marine tourism just like in Kuta beach Bali and other. Labuhan beach is also known for its beaches with an abundance of charm...

Laccar Waterfall

Laccar waterfall is located in Laccar sub-village, Kebun teluk dalam village, Sangkapura district, about 15 km from the center Sangkapura district. Arrive the tourist sites, not directly meet the waterfall, but you have to walk through forest path which surrounded by palm trees...

Cina island

Tanjung Cina Island is very rich of marine life charming. Visitors can dive and enjoy a variety of marine life, such as table coral (coral that formed table), reef fish, sea eel, magpie, starfish, clams and Kima mussels. Thi Tanjung Cina island is quite close to the mainland...