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Bawean Island (Bhebien) is taken from the Sanskrit word meaning “There Sunlight”. Wonderful Bawean island displays panoramas and cultural heritage. The other attractions are a lake, atolls. culture tourism. humble hospitality of Baweanese are precise. All of them are equally captivating.

Bawean Island is one of wonderful island in Indonesia

Bawean is in East Java province. It stands on about 80 miles or 120 kilometers north of Gresik regency. It is in the north of Java Sea by the straits of Madura and Surabaya. From google map, it stands between Borneo and Java. It covers total land area at 188.75 sq. km

The Transportation to Bawean is by sea and air

To reach this island, the travellers need 3 hours sailing by Bahari Express 8E from Gresik port, 9 hours by VM. Giliiyank, 45 minutes by flight, Airfast Asia. This stunning island consists of 2 districts only, Sangkapura and Tambak district. There are 17 villages around it. This small island has many attractive natural destinations. Besides its marine tourism, shaddy lake and waterfalls. Mangrove conservation, green hills, terasering point are also supported its ecotourism. Wonderful Endemic Bawean hog deer sanctuary is our local iconic animal. The travellers can also enjoy the culture and handycraft of the indigenous of moslems.

Bawean Tour Package

Last but not least, BAWEAN TOUR TRAVEL is a tour and travel service located in Bawean island. Gresik. East Java. This is as one of the local travel agents which is to promote wonderful Bawean tourist attractions and provides the best service of touring and travelling. Let check our Open Trip and Private Tour package. You can plan and arrange gyour short tour with us in Bawean as well. We are a tour travel agent and partner with english spoken and experienced local guide, best rate service as well.

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